Abdollah Khoshooee


Abdollah Khoshooee was born in 1980 in Mashhad.He started his architecture studies at Shahid Sadoughi university of Yazd in 2001 and obtained his bachelor's degree in Architecture from Islamic Azad University of Mashhad.He completed his Masters Degree in Sustainable Architecture in 2012 with a Masters Degree in Architecture from Iran University of Science and Technology.He founded his own office,Abdollah Khoshooee et al.He participated in various architectural competitions due to his creativity and conceptualization of his subjectivity,resulting in first to third place in over a dozen architectural competitions.

Rohollah Khoshooee


Rohollah Khoshooee Born in Mashhad in 1989.He was awarded a civil engineering degree with a tendency for building.He has had a decade of experience in the construction of special landscapes with high gradient alongside architect Abdollah Khoshooee. In the field of construction and oversight of recreational projects with high intelligence, he is one of the most experienced civil engineers in Khorasan Razavi province on steep slopes. There are several concurrent executives and a specific timetable that makes him the best project manager of the year 2009 Raised.

Architectural Approach

Our approach to design is to focus on architectural changes , which focus on native identity and culture, geometric structure, project economics, climate, cultural aesthetics, solidity and simplicity. The connection factor of the architecture of change, which always faces contemporary and future variables, is a design structure based on geometry that brings together all the elements in the context of architectural poetry and transforms subjectivity into a purely ideas formal architectural objectivity.

رویکرد ما در طراحی توجه به معماری تغییرات است که در این پدیده توجه به هویت و فرهنگ بومی ، ساختار هندسی ، اقتصاد پروژه ، اقلیم ، زیبایی شناسی فرهنگی ، استحکام و در عین حال سادگی مورد توجه خاص قرار می گیرد. عامل اتصال دهنده معماری تغییرات که همواره با متغیرهای معاصر و آینده مواجه است.ساختار طراحی مبتنی بر هندسه است که تمامی عوامل را در قالب شعر معماری به منصه ظهور می رساند و ذهنیت را با ایده ای ناب فرمی به عینیت معماری تبدیل می نماید.

Office Address :

Vakilabad highway, Mashhad , Iran
+98 915 503 9249
+98 915 313 2254